United Methodist Men's Workday - ASBURY CHURCH

Sep 26, 2020

Welcome to the United Methodist Men's Workday at ASBURY CHURCH, organized by McCormick Road Baptist Church. We are excited to invite you to be a part of this incredible event, where we gather as a community to serve and support one another.

Join the United Methodist Men's Workday

At ASBURY CHURCH, we believe that faith and community go hand in hand. The United Methodist Men's Workday is a perfect opportunity for all men in our congregation to come together and make a meaningful impact in our community.

Get Involved and Make a Difference

The United Methodist Men's Workday is not just about putting in a day's work, but about building relationships and making a positive difference in the lives of others. Whether you are skilled in carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, or simply have a willingness to lend a helping hand, there is a place for you at our workday.

Activities and Projects

During the United Methodist Men's Workday, we undertake various activities and projects to improve and maintain our church facilities, as well as support local community initiatives. Some examples of the projects we have worked on in the past include:

  • Renovating and painting classrooms
  • Repairing and maintaining the church grounds
  • Constructing wheelchair ramps for those in need
  • Assisting local shelters with repairs and improvements
  • Organizing food drives to support the less fortunate

These are just a few examples of the work we do during our workdays. Our events are filled with meaningful projects that make a lasting impact on our community.

Bring Your Skills and Passion

Whether you are an experienced handyman or eager to learn new skills, we encourage everyone to bring their unique abilities and passion to the United Methodist Men's Workday. Our team is filled with individuals from all walks of life, united by their faith and commitment to serving others.

Not only will you have the opportunity to contribute your skills, but you will also have the chance to learn from others and develop new talents. Our workdays serve as a platform for personal and spiritual growth, as we come together as a community to support one another.

Join Our Vibrant Community

McCormick Road Baptist Church is more than just a place of worship; it is a vibrant community dedicated to faith and beliefs. Our United Methodist Men's Workday is just one of the many ways we come together to strengthen our bond and make a positive impact on the world around us.

If you are interested in joining us for the United Methodist Men's Workday at ASBURY CHURCH or want to learn more about our vibrant community, please contact us or visit our website for more information. We look forward to welcoming you and working together to make a difference.

Nina Kral
Thank you for organizing an event focused on community service.
Oct 8, 2023
Jan Carlsson
This is a great way to make a difference in the local community.
Oct 7, 2023
Add Email
Sounds like a great opportunity! 👍
Oct 5, 2023
Ryan Boyes
Excited to contribute to the Asbury Church workday! 🛠️
Jul 20, 2023
Richard Caminita
Kudos to the organizers for putting together such a meaningful event.
Jun 5, 2023
Kevin Spalding
It's heartwarming to see the community coming together for a greater cause.
May 5, 2023
Charles Scaturro
I'm looking forward to working alongside others for a common goal.
May 2, 2023
Richard Levy
Let's make a positive impact by participating in this workday.
Feb 5, 2023
Lou Nardo
It's great to be part of a community that values service and support.
Sep 19, 2022
Ashley McNamara
Looking forward to joining this wonderful event!
Aug 25, 2022
Wesley Lewallen
I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in such a meaningful event.
Jul 24, 2022
Kedar Marathe
Excited to be part of the United Methodist Men's Workday at Asbury Church!
Jul 3, 2022
Rachel Unruh
Count me in for the United Methodist Men's Workday!
Nov 30, 2021
Carter Neild
I'm grateful for the chance to give back to the community.
Oct 21, 2021
Timothy Bock
I admire the spirit of unity and support behind this workday.
Oct 9, 2021
Sandy Crichton
Can't wait to contribute to the United Methodist Men's Workday at Asbury Church!
Jul 8, 2021
Owen Ross
Proud to be part of a community that comes together for a good cause.
Jun 7, 2021
Bruce Hastings
Looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting to work!
Jun 1, 2021
Kristin Taylor
I'm eager to lend a helping hand at the United Methodist Men's Workday.
Mar 16, 2021
Count me in for a day of service at Asbury Church!
Nov 20, 2020
Loan Oconnor
I'm glad to see communities coming together to serve and support each other.
Nov 11, 2020