Welcome to FCC Bronx - Evangelical Church in Fordham

Dec 12, 2023


Are you searching for a spiritual community that focuses on spreading the message of love, faith, and compassion? Look no further than FCC Bronx, a vibrant and inclusive evangelical church located in the heart of Fordham. With a rich history and a commitment to serving our congregation and the local community, we strive to provide a nurturing environment for spiritual growth and personal development.

The FCC Bronx Experience

At FCC Bronx, we believe in creating an experience that touches the hearts and souls of our members. Our team of dedicated pastors and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that every service, event, and program is executed with excellence and devotion. We offer a wide range of services, ministries, and activities that cater to the diverse needs and interests of our congregation.

Uplifting Worship Services

Our Sunday worship services are the heart of our community. Led by our talented worship team, these services create an atmosphere of genuine praise and worship. Through soul-stirring music, powerful sermons, and heartfelt prayer, we aim to inspire and ignite a passionate faith within each individual. Whether you are a seasoned believer or new to the Christian faith, our services will leave you feeling spiritually rejuvenated.

Engaging Sermons and Teachings

Our pastors are renowned for their thought-provoking sermons and teachings. They possess a deep understanding of the Bible and skillfully relay its messages in a way that is relevant to modern-day life. With a focus on practical application and personal growth, our sermons provide valuable insights and guidance on building a strong Christian foundation.

Community Outreach and Service

As a church deeply committed to serving the community, we engage in various outreach initiatives and service projects. From food drives to clothing donations, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Our volunteers actively collaborate with local organizations to address community challenges and foster a sense of unity and compassion.

Thriving Youth and Children's Ministries

We understand the importance of nurturing the spiritual growth of our youth and children. Through engaging programs, Bible studies, and fun-filled activities, we create a welcoming environment where young individuals can learn, explore, and develop their faith. Our dedicated youth and children's ministries team ensures that every child feels loved, valued, and empowered.

The FCC Bronx Difference

What sets FCC Bronx apart from other evangelical churches in Fordham? It's our unwavering commitment to creating a warm, inclusive, and supportive community that welcomes individuals from all walks of life. Whether you are a long-time believer, a newcomer to the Christian faith, or searching for spiritual guidance, you will find a place to belong and grow at FCC Bronx.

Visit FCC Bronx Today

If you're looking for an evangelical church in Fordham that prioritizes authentic worship, transformative teachings, and community service, FCC Bronx is the perfect fit for you. We invite you to join us for our upcoming Sunday service and experience the FCC Bronx difference firsthand. Connect with God, meet new friends, and embark on a journey of spiritual discovery in a vibrant and loving congregation.

Contact us today for more information and let FCC Bronx become your spiritual home!